Achilleas Papadimitriou
  • University of Thessaly
  • School of Engineering
  • Department of Civil Engineering


My research in Geotechnical Engineering is mainly focused on the following areas:

  • Constitutive laws of geomaterials, with emphasis on anisotropy of sands and clays and the cyclic response of sands
  • Development of numerical methods, with emphasis on the developement of algorithms for stress integration of constitutive laws
  • Seismic ground response, with the development and use of numerical methods in 1, 2 and 3 dimensions
  • Element soil response, with emphasis on liquefaction and anisotropy of geomaterials
  • Ground improvement, with emphasis on seismic response of improved ground and liquefaction mitigation
  • Seismic micro-zonation studies, with emphasis on "intelligent" use of databases in conjuction with GIS
  • Seismic fault rupture, with emphasis on the rupture propagation through soil
  • Use of probabilistic methods, in issues of engineering seismology


RESEARCH PROJECTS (as Principal Investigator)

  • (2008), "Optimization of fully-coupled non-linear dynamic numerical analysis of geotechnical structures in 2-dimensions", U.Th for R.C.-U.Th



  • (1995), "Seismic Safety of the Tohoku Shinkansen: Assessment and Enhancement", Report 8, Cooperative JREast/MIT Research Program on Risk Assessment, MIT, August.
  • (1996), "Analytical Method for the Estimation of Displacements of Soils, Foundations & Earth Structures during Earthquakes", N.T.U.A., prepared for Earthquake Protection and Planning Organization of Greece ( .... ), March, (in Greek).
  • (1996)"Comparative and Analytical Study of the Seismic Parameters of the Ground of the City of Aigion and their effects on the buildings (Design Spectra)", focusing on the "Analysis of the Effect of Local Soil Conditions during the Aigion Earthquake of June 15th 1995", University of Athens, prepared for Earthquake Protection and Planning Organization of Greece ( .... ), September, (in Greek, 1 citation).
  • (2000), "Analysis of Seismic Risk of Soils in Ano Liossia Municipality", N.T.U.A., prepared for the Technical Division of Ano Liossia Municipality, July, (in Greek)
  • (2002), "Numerical modeling of the response of soils and foundations under dynamic loading", Final Report, prepared for the NTUA - EPISEY (Archimedes project, in Greek).
  • (2002),"Constitutive and numerical modeling for the analysis of permanent deformations of soil structures", NSF Award CMS 98-00330, UC Davis ...
  • (2002),"Constitutive modeling of inherent sand fabric anisotropy and numerical applications within critical state soil mechanics", NSF Award CMS 02-01231, UC Davis ...
  • (2003), "Seismic design of geo-structures under liquefaction regime", University of Thessaly, prepared for the Earthquake Protection and Planning Organization of Greece ( .... ), September, (in Greek)
  • (2003), "Simplified Criteria for the estimation of seismic risk of soils, slopes and faults", Final Report, prepared for the Earthquake Protection and Planning Organization of Greece ( .... ), February, (in Greek).
  • (2005), "Earthquake Protection - Seismic risk management in urban and semi-urban regions of the Korinthos Prefecture in Greece", Final Report, prepared for the Peloponnesus District, October (in Greek).
  • (2006), "Improvement and development of design methods for buried pipelines carrying environmentally hazardous materials (liquid waste, fuel, chemicals) in areas of high seismic risk", N.T.U.A., prepared for Ministry of Education - Pythagoras project (in Greek).
  • (2007), "Foundation of Technical Works in Seismically Problematic Soils (-SOILS)", Focusing on Work Package 10 with objective the ground improvement of X-Soils, N.T.U.A, prepared for Ministry of Development - G.S.R.T., February (in Greek).
  • (2008), "Development of a numerical algorithm for the dynamic elastoplastic analysis of geotechnical structures in 2 and 3 dimensions", N.T.U.A., Program for Development of Basic Research (Lefkippos)
  • (2009), "Estimation of seismic coefficients for the seismic stability analyses of earthdam slopes: Phase B", N.T.U.A. for Public Power Corporation
  • (2010), "Reconnaissance study for ground settlements in Karla Municipality", U.Th. for Karla Municipality
  • (in progress), "Experimental verification of shallow foundation performance under earthquake-induced liquefaction", SERIES project partnership with TA Host UCAM.